- Started surgical education tutorials 5 years ago
- Had conducted a lot of online and attending courses for MRCS part b
- His online and attending courses of MRCS part b had gained a lot of popularity and praise over the past 6 years
- His online course had scored the best candidates's results over the last 6years
- He is the author of the popular book (MRCS OSCE REVISION GUIDE) with its 6 editions

- The course will be conducted through an application designed specifically for online courses (zoom cloud meetings) which will give the attendant the full range of communication with the lecturer.The attendant will be provided by a unique meeting link which enables him to join the lecture.
- The course is conducted for Arabic speaking and non Arabic speaking candidates
- The live lectures recordings will be uploaded to a dedicated platform on which the candiadtes will be able to access them 24/7 till the end of the subscription period
- Course subscription includes the required study materials in pdf format
- A hardcopy bundle for the course is available
- Clinical day with hands on practice will be conducted on regular basis in Cairo,England,Malaysia, UAE , Oman and Bahrain. We look forward to expand our exsistence in more countries.
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